Details of Net Metering and Grid Connectivity
S.No. Details
Net Metering Application Procedure
1 Application Form, Annexure I
2 Acknowledgement, Annexure II
3 Net metering regulation, Annexure III
4 Approval Letter, Annexure IV
5 Agreement, Annexure V
6 Work Completion Report, Annex VI
7 Schematic line diagram of RE System, Annex - VII
8 Billing Computation, Annexure- VIII
9 Standard of Metrs Annexure IX
10 Technical Standards of Solar Photovoltaic Panels, Annexure X
11 Technical and Interconnection Requirements Annexure XI
12 Technical Specifications For Single Phase Meter
13 Technical Specifications For Three Phase Meter
14 Technical Specifications For HT Static Tri-Vector Energy Meter
15 In the matter of imlementation of MPREC(Grid Connected)Net Metering Regulations,2015 and 1st amendment
16 Notification dated 14.11.17 1st amendent Policy on Decentralized Renewalable Generators
17 In the matter of 1st amendent in "Madhya Pradesh Policy for Decentralized Renewalable Energy Systems 2016".
18 In the matter of recovery of supply affording charges from existing consumers in case of switching over of suooly from exiting volatge level to higher voltage level