Details of Net Metering and Grid Connectivity
S.No. Details
Net Metering Application Procedure
1 Application Form, Annexure I
2 Acknowledgement, Annexure II
3 Net metering regulation, Annexure III
4 Approval Letter, Annexure IV
5 Agreement, Annexure V
6 Work Completion Report, Annex VI
7 Schematic line diagram of RE System, Annex - VII
8 Billing Computation, Annexure- VIII
9 Standard of Metrs Annexure IX
10 Technical Standards of Solar Photovoltaic Panels, Annexure X
11 Technical and Interconnection Requirements Annexure XI
12 Technical Specifications For Single Phase Meter
13 Technical Specifications For Three Phase Meter
14 Technical Specifications For HT Static Tri-Vector Energy Meter
15 In the matter of imlementation of MPREC(Grid Connected)Net Metering Regulations,2015 and 1st amendment