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Poorva Kshetra-Feeder Separation
Initiative for Feeder Separation Scheme
Objective of Feeder Separation
To provide commercially viable continuous supply of electricity for house-hold use in rural area ofthe state while restricting supply for agricultural use to facilitate only sustainable exploitation of ground water.
Thereby, to accelerate socio economic development of rural area and pursue the larger objective of sustainable ‘inclusive growth’.
  • Objective of continuous supply of electricity for house hold use in rural area would be met by laying separate 11kV feeders
  • Commercial Viability of the project shall be ensured by restricting Distribution losses of each DTR to12% by converting overhead bare conductor of LT line by AB cables,providing meters etc
  • REC has funded the entire project
  • For hassle free completion of the project concept of PMC has been incorporated
Project in Brief
  • Erection of 11 kV additional bays & renovation of existing bays with VCB and Laying of 11 kV lines on 140 Kg 8 mtr long PCC poles with (rabbit) AAA conductor.
  • Installation of 25 kVA 11/0.433 kV DTR and its metering
  • Replacement of bare conductor of LT lines by AB cables in abadi area, damaged service lines by PVC armoured cables & installation of meters in unmetered / defective / new consumers
  • Re-location of DTR at load center
  • Consumer indexing and its updation in billing software
  • Asset mapping of HT & LT network using GPS
  • Certification of Distribution loss from Distribution transformer to Consumer Premises


Approximate Qty required

No of 11 kV bays ( New )

Equal to no of new feeders

No of 11 kV bays ( For renovation )

50% of new bays

New 11 kV line

90 to 100% of existing feeder

No of DTR required

1.5 to 2.0 per village

New LT line for interconnection

0.12 Km per DTR

Conversion of LT line in to AB Cable

1.5 Km per village

Replacement of damaged service line

10% of existing domestic consumers

Providing meters to unmetered consumers

As per R-15

New Connection single phase

8 no per village

New Connection three phase

1 no per three village

Execution Methodology
  • On the basis of survey and analysis done through software , BOQ will be finalized for sanction of estimate.
  • After sanction of the Estimate, works should be started on all selected 11kV feeders radiates from 33/11 kV S/s
  • On request of works contractor / PMC, getting approval from various District level Govt. Department, local governing bodies, Panchayat etc., necessary for successful and timely execution of work. The PMC will assist in this matter.
  • On request of works contractor / PMC, settlement, well in time of any hindrances / obstructions or issues which may arise in connection with the implementation of Project.
  • Regular monitoring of Project on basis of mile-stones setup by PIU and in case of any slippage suggest remedial measures to contractor in consultation with Unit monitoring project at Corporate office.

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