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The Ministry of Power,Government of India has introduced RAPDRP Scheme during 11th Five Year Plan as Central Sector Scheme. The Power Finance Corporation has been made Nodal Agency to operationalise the programme under the guidance of Ministry of Power. The scheme is proposed to cover urban areas; town and cities with population of more than 30,000 (as per 2001 census) and accordingly 27 such cities are coming in the area of jurisdiction of the M.P. East Discom.
           The project under this scheme shall be taken in two parts. Part-A has a provision for establishment of reliable and automated system for collection of accurate baseline data and IT applications for energy accounting/auditing and IT based consumer service centre.The Part-B shall include regular distribution system strengthening projects.

Part -A
For implementation of Part-A of the approved projects funds are provided through loan forthe works within the scope of scheme from the Government  of India on the terms decided by Ministry of Finance. The loan shall be converted into grant once the establishment of required system is achieved within three years from the date of sanction of the project i.e. upto Feb. 2012 and verified by an independent agency.

Part-A of the scheme essentially covers
  • Consumer Indexing
  • GIS Mapping
  • Asset Mapping of the entire distribution network at and below the 11 kV transformers and include the Distribution Transformers and Feeders, Low Tension lines,poles and other distribution network equipment.
  • Automatic Metering (AMR)on Distribution Transformers and Feeders
  • Automatic Data Logging for all Distribution Transformers & Feeders and
  • SCADA / DMS system forcities with population more than 400,000 i.e. Jabalpur
  • Adoption of IT applications for meter reading, billing & collection; energy accounting & auditing
  • Management InformationSystem (MIS)
  • Redressal of consumer grievances and establishment of IT enabled consumer service centers etc.
  • M/s Infosys has been appointed as Consultants in respect of all of the utilities of M.P. for the Project for Part ‘A’ of the scheme.

                               M/s TCS has beenappointed as ITIA for part ‘A’.

Emphasizes on system strengthening through capacity augmentation and renovation & modernization of the system.For implementation of Part-B initially 25% fund for the project shall be provided through loan from the Government of India and the balance fund shall be raised from financial institution. If the Company achievethe target of 15% AT&C loss on a sustained basis for a period of 5 years in the project area and the project is completed within the time schedule fixed by the steering committee (max. 5 years), up to50% loan against Part-B will be convertible into grant in equal trenches for 5 years starting at the latest one year after the yearin which the Part-A of the project area concerned is established andverified by independent agency appointed by Ministry of Power.

Benefits of the Project:-

On completion of the project following benefits are expected:
  • To the Discom –
    •  Reductionin AT&C losses to the extent of 15%
    • To increase CRPU
    • Reduction in Equipment/Plant failure
    • To meet out the future load growth
    • To ensure the various performance indices as per Regulator
    • Prevention of theft /Direct hooking from LT network
    • To improve the financial viability of the utility
  • To the Consumers–
    • Better quality & reliability of power supply
    • Improvement in consumer services including reduction in down time
    • Reduction in consumers grievances
    • Increase in supply hours due to better revenue realization
RAPDRP - Post Go Live Report
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